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Here is my most updated Demo Reel, including select clips from my 70+ IMDb credits:




 - Projects I've Produced - 

My recent endeavor is a spy comedy series called Roger, Espionager. We shot the pilot in 2021, and are currently shopping it around. In the meantime, enjoy our trailer!


During the quarantine of 2020, my wife and I created an entire 22-min sketch compilation called The Brooke & Matt Show: Quarantine Edition. Here is our favorite sketch, NEIGH80RS:


Here's the Full "Episode" of The Brooke & Matt Show: Quarantine Edition:


After Season 3 of Becky & Barry, we almost did a spinoff series called Acon & Beggs, about two "hard-boiled" private eyes:




- Clips from the various Hollywood TV/ Film Projects I've been in -