I am a contributing writer to the Stage 32 Blog. I write about acting, specifically from the perspective of a 2-decade+ journeyman actor based in Atlanta, GA. Here is some of what I've written for them...


I have several YouTube Channels that I run. My personal one doesn't get much added to it, but the other 2 are updated more frequently.

Matthew Cornwell YouTube Channel - Here you'll find my Demo Reel and other personal endeavors like my web series, Becky & Barry.

Get Taped YouTube Channel (new videos every Monday!) - Through our audition taping business, Get Taped, we offer free weekly videos to help actors navigate their careers. Be sure to subscribe if you like what you see!

Sam Christensen Studios - Atlanta YouTube Channel - The Sam Christensen Image Process has been around for over 30 years, and my wife and I are proud to be licensed facilitators of the process. We periodically add videos to this channel to help educate those interested in taking the workshop.