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Brooke Jaye Taylor

Witty. Wacky. Wise. This tough girl with a tender heart felt called to a career in acting at a young age. According to her mother, “She came out of the womb destined to be a performer”. Brooke received a BFA in Performing Arts from the University of Florida, and has since built an extensive resume in theatre, tv, film, directing, and improv. She often refers to her best decisions replica watches in life as being: cutting her hair off and marrying the brilliantly funny and chivalrous Matthew Cornwell.

And, if lost, can be found riding a rollercoaster.

During the great quarantine of 2020, we decided to produce our own content. Over the course of 10 days, we wrote, shot, and edited a 22-min sketch show. We appropriately titled it "The Brooke & Matt Show," and are happy to share it with you here: